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All Season Package Tour Location Details


Vardzia is an astounding cave monastery dating back to the 12th century. It’s famous for the paintings and distinctive architecture. You’ll visit the main church, bell tower, cave dwellings, chapels, pharmacy, and wine cellars. It’s very impressive to explore the caves and corridors.

Rabati Castle

Rabati Castle is a 13th-century medieval castle complex.  Here you’ll be taken back in time! Enjoy the beautiful gardens and historical buildings and appreciate the individual architectural styles. The views from the complex are absolutely stunning.

Timotesubani Monastry

Timotesubani Monastry – this is a beautiful medieval Georgian Orthodox Christian monastic complex located in the Borjomi Gorge. You will feel the peace here! It has incredibly well-preserved murals and is situated in stunning surroundings.

Borjomi Central Park

Borjomi Central Park – this is a natural landmark in the city. The park includes a hydro-thermal health spa and has many paths to explore the beautiful natural area. Here you can also view the greenhouse with the rounded dome and taste Borjomi mineral water which is said to have unique healing qualities.  It’s also one of the best places to visit with young children who will enjoy the fountains and playgrounds

Kakhisi Lake

Kakhisi Lakeis located on the western slope of the Trialeti Range. It’s a small lake surrounded by dense forest. Very picturesque so amazing for those nature photos. Well worth the visit. Swimming is allowed if weather permits.[?] 

Green Monastery

Green Monastery is hidden deep in the woods and is very charming with an air of mystery! It’s very popular with tourists and pilgrims for its interesting history. You’ll enjoy the walk through the woods and the serene surroundings. Rejuvenating for the soul!